Q. When and how was BB formed?
A. In late June 1996, the demo for Macintosh Warcraft 2 was released. A group of people met up on Efnet IRC to play the demo over the Internet. From this group a number of clans emerged, including BB.

Q. Who is the leader of BB?
A. Morpheus.

Q. Can I join BB?
A. No. Membership is by invitation only.

Q. Will you invite me to join BB?
A. No. If you ask us to invite you, it wouldn't really be an invitation now would it?

Q. Can I try out for BB?
A. No. We don't hold tryouts.

Q. Is BB recruiting?
A. BB is generally always looking for new members, but our standards are high enough that you probably won't be asked to join.

Q. What is the process for gaining membership?
A. If the clan likes you, we invite you to become a recruit. You add "BBr" to your name and you are added to our mailing list. After 3 to 4 months, the clan votes on whether you are given full membership, kept on as a BBr for another month, or kicked out.

Q. What games has BB played together?
A. Lots and lots, but the most popular have been Warcraft II, MUDs, Diablo, Myth, Starcraft, Quake, Age of Empires II, EverQuest, Diablo II, CounterStrike, and Dark Age of Camelot. Warcraft III is next on the agenda.

Q. Where is the BB CounterStrike server located?
A. The San Francisco Bay Area.