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By Morpheus, founder and leader of Burning Blade

We began so very long ago as a Mac Warcraft II clan, fighting as a unit and taking down opposition. We became known by Mac players around the globe playing on the Internet, and lasted as a group of friends with a passion to game and earn the respect of others.Ý We owned Starcraft, but due to the lack of TCP/IP connecting for that game we had to deal with battle.net which although not bad for gaming, not great for having a close nit community of players both in and out of the clan.Ý I miss the Warcraft 2 days, the respect and the lack of responsibilities allowing me to game all day and not care, but I have high hopes for BB’s future, because now we enter our next era.Ý We’ve had two AWESOME real life get togethers, one in Las Vegas where we had people fly out for a big party and one in Northern California which was not exclusively BB but it may as well have been considering the amount of BB people that were there. :) We’re conquering Counter-Strike and perhaps even going to tournaments together to win money doing what we’re best at.Ý Once Counter-Strike dies, as all games do, we see Warcraft 3 as a very good opportunity to rise to the call once again.Ý If there’s a challenge to be met, we will be there, and as always we will make people “Phear da Blade!”.




I've been gaming as long as I can remember, from an original Atari 800 on I've been messing around with games, and I doubt I'll stop any time soon :)Ý I originally created this clan to dominate a Warcraft two ladder, but it grew past what it was created for and became its own community. I know the members as well as I know people in real life and trust some of them even more deeply. I feel that Burning Blade has been one of my greatest accomplishments and I hope it lives a long and fruitful life. If you ever wonder how strong my clan pride is, watch BB at one of our get togethers.Ý Anyone who talks smack is gonna have the wrath of the blade falling down upon his head.Ý


Close personal friend of mine who actually taught me how to use the Internet and spawned my gaming career. We played Warcraft I together and we do the same with CS. The man knows computers inside out and plays games like a pro.


This guy's great. He's the most arrogant, insulting man you will ever meet, but it's just an act. :) We became friends a long time ago through IRC and grouped for Burning Blade when he showed me some pretty serious skills in Warcraft. He owned it up in Starcraft, and he’s one of our best snipers in Counter-Strike.Ý Not only can he kick your ass mentally but he’ll back it up in game too. He’s also the most hardcore, loyal member we have (aside from myself).Ý Any BB willing to throw a punch to defend another is the man in my book. ;)


Awesome in Warcraft, awesome in Starcraft, and the man who taught me how to be good at CS.Ý He’s the best damn backup you could ever hope to have in a firefight, although when he dies he has a bit of a problem with the “spazz”.


We met when BB first formed and he was an awesome gamer. He was our second member and was second in command for a good deal of time. ÝOver the course of the last 5 years he’s gone completely inactive, which is a shame, but it can happen.Ý We miss ya Orcz, thanks for being a part of the best thing ever created. ;)


Entered BB in a lot of controversy 'cause we stole him from the old rival clan Azeroth, (subsequently reborn as a starcraft clan named Borg *snicker*) but was one of the best grabs of the century as he's been a great friend and cool guy since the moment I met him.Ý Unfortunately we’ve lost Kef; after the early Starcraft days he disappeared and we haven’t seen him since.Ý Losing BB members is always hard for me, but we all understand real life sometimes has to enter the picture. ;)


Freaking pothead. ;) errr....hehe X is a laid back kinda guy, great friend, and crazy machead. He can be an idler sometimes but we forgive him because the time he spends with BB is awesome. We haven’t seen X for awhile, the clan misses him. =(


One of our originals.Ý He came on as Mac601 back in the War2 days.Ý I recruited him because he was a good friend IRL and then he stopped playing.Ý Because of his inactivity we removed him from the clan.Ý 4 years later he started playing CS and BB remembered him, and we snatched him right up.Ý Orie is AWESOME, he maintains our CS server and a lot of our domain stuff, including our mailing list and other cool stuff.Ý This clan would be without a lot of very useful tools if we didn’t have Orie around to save our butts, and he’s an awesome person/gamer to boot.Ý Phear his mad skills with the colt in CS, he WILL drop you like a bad habit.


Started off with a joking relationship that grew into a really cool friendship. Reppas is someone I trust and talk to a lot. He's an anime freak and he loves to game, plus his personality is BB all the way, he rocked Starcraft and he rocks CS. ÝRepp is the man, plain and simple, deal with it. ;) All these years later he’s maintaining hardcore BB status.


Originally both my friend and my adversary, Trueno is it all.Ý We used to have a great love/hate thing going on where sometimes we’d blow up at each other the way rabid dogs attack meat.Ý These days he’s no longer my adversary, we both grew up a bit and he rocks.Ý I haven’t seen him gaming in awhile which is sad, but he’s doing college so that can be rough, hopefully we’ll get him for Warcraft 3. =)


Amazing gamer, the man picks anything up overnight. I've known meta a long time and at first I thought he was … an immature dork sometimes but you couldn't not love him. :) He owned it up in Starcraft and then picked up CS faster than anyone else.Ý Nowadays he’s not an immature dork anymore, he grew into an awesome guy who gives BB a nicer side when Yagr is pissing everyone outside of the clan off.Ý We lub j00 meta!!! =)


Our programming master, he did the Mac ports of all the Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo games.Ý He finally sold his company Future Point to Blizzard, and he’s still the man, now working on Warcraft 3 and battle.net.Ý It was awesome meeting him at the Vegas party and I hope he comes to another bash.


Phear this name. If you don't now, play him once, then you will. No, it doesn’t matter what game, he WILL learn how to beat you. He's an incredible player, and one of the few names that could hurt me in warcraft back in the days. I snagged him because he was the greatest teamate I had ever had and I know the Morph/Robo team is one of the most dangerous things you’ll ever run into. He’s put almost as much effort as I have into keeping the clan running smoothly and I truly hope he knows how much we appreciate it.Ý Robo’s the man. =)


We met beta testing warcraft two, and became friends through battle. Good sense of humor and a wonderful guy. I can't wait to be at his side playing some games because together I know we can show the world what BB is all about.Ý We miss Anduril. =(Ý He hasn’t been around for awhile, mostly due to real life issues, but we’ve gotta drag him back into the fray if possible for Warcraft 3.


Cruz was initiated to BB through Trueno because they were friends, and he just happened to fit in really well. I'm glad to have him with us and hope he stays happy in the team.Ý But unfortunately it looks like we may lose Cruzer. :/Ý He hasn’t been around for years now, neither in game or email spirit.Ý I hope we hear from him soon.


Elaborate nick for an eccentric guy. He's my age and programs like a pro. This guy's got a great future ahead of him and he can game to boot. He didn’t play much Starcraft and still doesn’t play CS but he’s active in emails.Ý He came to the BB get together in Vegas and we had an AWESOME time.


A bud I met during BB's MWL days and eventually I stole him from his MWL clan <sil tiras> because I liked him a lot and looked at him as a good addition... turns out I was right.Ý But Val’s been AWOL,Ý haven’t seen him in years, miss the guy. :(


Fits perfectly in the clan. He's a crazy Asian guy who makes jokes at everything and plays as though he's known any game for years. I befriended him while playing warcraft and I've never gotten tired of him. In early 2000 War had some important real life stuff go down and he lost his internet ability,Ý he’s considered inactive until he returns but we’ve always got an open slot for him.Ý We miss ya bro.


I have yet to meet a stranger sense of humor. I can't explain it...ya gotta see it. He's a great guy, sometimes quiet, but when he speaks be ready to laugh <or get insulted>. Dunno how he feels about SC or CS but if he plays he'll be a force to be reckoned with.Ý A while back Cheez moved to Germany for work purposes but once the world gets a fiber link his ass needs to game with us. ;)Ý He’s still an active emailer but we miss having him around.


Pharoah’s and my carbon copy with spunk. The three of us have extremely similar personalities and are always joking around with each other. I keep swearing to Phar I'm driving us to Ohio to see him, it WILL happen. :)Ý Sung’s a great (but laggy) CS player and we can’t wait to play the next cool game with him.


One of the Stanford crew, Tool is a great guy and has been a really good friend to me for a long time.Ý He's perfect for BB.Ý A few years back He tried to leave BB with a reason of irc getting too stressful for.Ý He disappeared for a while but then we found his email address and put him in our list.Ý He isn’t gaming yet but he’s been to a few get togethers and he’s still awesome. :)


Another of the Stanford crew. We met on #macwarcraft and he was friends w/ Valarion. I liked him a lot and saw he was damn good at the game too :) so I grabbed him fast.Ý Recently we’ve lost mich to the working world. He’s still sending emails from time to time but unfortunately he’s gone corporate so he hasn’t gamed in a very long time.Ý Maybe Warcraft 3 will appeal to his need for games. :)


He’d been around a long time but I never really considered him until I got to know him better. He was always been a blast to talk to on #macwarcraft so it was inevitable that BB grabbed him =)Ý I'm glad I got to know him and I'm even more glad he's with the Blade 'cause he's a pretty frighteningly good player. I've met him in real life and he's a really cool guy. A while ago the bastard went and got another clan on us cause he was playing a diff game (UT).Ý S’ok though he’s still with us, just from afar.Ý He emails and chats but we gotta get him into a BB game so he can come create some phear.


Met him way back in #mwc and didn't think much cuz, hey, who needs new members? :) I liked his sense of humor and we eventually got to know each other. He played against BB in some late night BB vs all games and got thrashed. :) He wanted to learn and did so at a quick rate. Pretty soon I wanted him in BB. I decided he was worthy both in skill and personality, so I threw some of that leader weight around and got him in. Unfortunately this upset Reppas a bit cuz Repp doesn't like newcomers much but I think they got used to each other :)Ý Met him several years ago in real life, awesome guy.Ý Haven’t seen him game since Warcraft but he’s still around so maybe we’ll grab him again for our next game. :)


God how do I start w/ jerji...we've known each other along time. He's got to be one of the nicest guys I've EVER met on irc. I instantly liked him. He read HoBB 1.0 and told me right there he wanted to be as good as us. I said "ok play guys in 1 on 1's" He did. EVERY day he told me of a new win or a new strat he had. He learned to play warcraft as fast if not faster as the fastest of my members. I asked him first if he wanted to join BB and he said he didn't feel worthy yet. I said "ok just keep playin my guys and when you think yer ready come back to me." Then I get this E-Mail saying he felt bad, he didn't like making friends w/ BB just to get in even if it was more than that. He felt dishonest and that he didn't want to do it anymore. I was so impressed by his letter that I got on IRC and let him in to BB right then and there. I'm still very happy I let jerj into BB. I never regretted it, never will.Ý Met him just recently for the first time in real life and he was just as awesome in person as he is online.Ý Jer you rock, don’t ever go nowhere. :)


I have never misunderstood anyone so much in my life! I didn't think I'd like him because he was always acting so mature in #macwarcraft. I didn't know much about him until one night when we talked for about 3 hours. I quickly learned he had a great sense of humor and was cool to hang with. He's always a pleasure to talk to and boy does he ever know how to be random. We lost OMQ for awhile because he wasn’t on the mailing list and he ended up missing our Vegas party which sucks because he probably would’ve made it.Ý He’s on it now though so he’d better not miss our next party near LA. :)


We met a really long time ago and he was in the enemy warcraft clan for a long time, but we became friends through the battle field and eventually when Azeroth fell apart he came to where he naturally belonged. :)Ý He’s off doing the real life thing a lot nowadays but he is still around, and sooner or later every gamer comes back. ;)Ý Scorp was SICK at warcraft 2 so I figure if I can get him to play Warcraft 3, we’ll be unstoppable.


Gotta love that nick. He was in Azeroth since it formed, but AZ withstood a real collapse and The_O left. Eventually he was voted in because he has been a well respected person in #mwc for 7 - 8 months, but his entry was a very controversial one.Ý He went off and had kids about a year or so ago, twins in fact. ÝHasn’t been gaming but he’s definitely with BB in spirit and email.Ý We miss ya O, find some time one of these days. ;)


He joined with The_O. He hadn't been around very long but he was another of those "He's BB, I just know it" personalities. He is hilarious to talk to and also now I believe our oldest member. (sorry optik but I had to tell em).If you ever wanna know how old he is....ask me :) ÝBut it looks like we’ve lost Optik. :/ Haven’t seen an email or game out of him in couple years :(


Well after talkin with me for roughly 6 or so months I finally brought my bud sniperman into BB. He's good friends w/ Trueno so it's good to see him getting along so well with the others and fitting in nicely. He's a little eccentric but that's the way we like 'em :) Sniperman rules.Ý >He stopped owning everyone at Marathon so he could get Quake, owned em all in Quake, and soon we should be seeing him play CS.Ý I can’t wait to have BB’s best FPS’er hitting this game, we’re never gonna die again. ;)


He got in due to me getting badgered by scorp and oldman ;) Plus I played him many times and thought he was awesome to talk to. His english is still being corrected by me on occasion because he's our Russian representitive but he's a great guy and one of the scariest players to ever play warcraft.Ý He owned it up in Starcraft for awhile too, but so far I haven’t seen him touch CS yet though.


Well wouldn't you know it, just when BB says it's closed some REALLY cool guy just HAS to show up on irc doesn't he? :) The plus side is we were closed for 2-3 months before rubi was even considered so at least we got a nice cooloff period. I probably wouldn't have considered him at all but Trueno brought the idea to me, and when Trueno recommends something it usually means it's a good idea. :) Rubi hasn't been around that long but plays like the best of us. He has a strategic mind and a good sense of humor. Way I see it, how can you go wrong? :)Ý I heard from him a few months ago, nothing since. :(


Last guy BB grabbed while playing Starcraft. In fact, one of the only guys we grabbed while we were doing Starcraft. :) He’d been in Blackthorne for a year or so but as BT died down at the request of BB I snagged Diino with the quickness. He’s totally laid back, fun to play with, and a good gamer in general. He never picked up Counter-Strike which is a shame, but that’s ok because I’ve already confirmed that if he doesn’t play Warcraft 3 BB is going to fly out to his house and rip off his arms and beat him with them. :)


First of the CS recruits to make full BB.Ý An amazing player and great guy.Ý Way to go Stalk! Since he joined he’s come to two BB get togethers and it’s been awesome.Ý Stalker rules and is a true gamer.Ý At our massive get together party on 8/24/01 he spent 8 straight hours staring at the Diablo two beta while everyone else was too drunk to see straight. ;)


Hachi r0x0rs your s0x0rz.Ý Legend bugged me for three weeks to let this guy in and I finally talked to him.Ý Immediate BB material.Ý Nice guy, awesome player, good teammate, and laid back.Ý He’s been my new one on one talk guy from time to time because he’s very insightful and humorous to boot.Ý Hachi needs to make a RL party with Legend so we can give them noogies!


BB’s newest spice.Ý Met him online when he created a CS clan of his own (GoE).Ý Thought he was kinda arrogant and didn’t like him much at first.Ý When GoE went down Moon moved back to Vegas where I was living at the time and I met him in real life.Ý We became cool with each other and eventually I nominated him for BB.Ý He was a recruit for 3 months and added the same sort of spice yagr does but not quite as developed (yagr is the king).Ý But moon rocks, so he made full member, and we jumped him at our massive party 8/24/01 and welcomed him with open arms, so to speak. :)


These are some of the clans BB has battled over the years.


Every good clan needs a rival clan. Azeroth was that clan. BB and AZ were the first to clans to ever appear out of #macwarcraft. I am friends w/ many Azeroth members but there are some AZ's who look at me as the enemy. AZ is now less of a rival because of it's disbandment. Read the timeline to find out more.


Every good clan needs a rival, so why not 2? :) This clan showed up practically overnight and some of them have an attitude worthy of AZ :P So I've decided that this clan is also worthy of being on our "hate" list. I like some of it's players a lot, but I can hate their clan just as I do AZ even though I'm friends w/ a portion of them. Warsong start singing....yer prayers.  In recent days Warsong is TOTALLY inactive, another clan bites the dust...


I.E. Clan rush. Man, I have never seen a clan so order specific. I call this clan adversaries simply because they have a lot of good players and hence are a threat. :) Of course they're not MUCH of a threat, but ya gotta always watch yer back. Watch out for these guys on POS people...they'll mess any normal player up bad. Yet another clan that doesn't play very actively anymore, They play together but I've only seen like 2 people with JN in their username. And Avium, Pepper, and most of their good players off and joined Borg, or Dominion.


A GMG clan with some pretty damn skilled players, I still think they rely too much on grunts and not enuf on skill but that's just one clan leader's opinion. :) Some of those players are some to watch out for tho, they have the potential to get very good.

All these clans are dead.  They were big in Warcraft Two and appeared to have potential, but not a single one of them lived past the end of the game.  New adversaries are below, and Iím sure they wonít outlive us either. ;)  After being together 5 years we donít have adversaries really, just clans we feel very superior to so we make lots of fun of them.  If we sound elitist, hell yes we are, but weíve earned it. ;)


Not quite an adversary, but a clan that formed out of a lot of ìwant to be in BB but just didnít make itî type of people.  When BB hit CS and became popular a lot of people were very interested in a clan with so much loyalty.  Unfortunately for a lot of people we were able to create what we did and maintain stability because we didnít recruit every person we came across so a lot of interested parties just didnít make the cut.  It happens, itís part of the clan game.  Regardless, out of a lot of these people came a couple clans, which will be listed below,  deeper stories will be in the timeline.  GoE is no longer an existing clan at this point.


Clan created by Orieís girlfriend KillerKat.  At first I didnít know what to think about these guys because every time I saw them all I would see is them spamming the server asking where their leader was.  Over time theyíve grown into a pretty well developed clan, with their own issues and strengths.  I do feel that their leader needs to crack down a little harder as I know of two situations went down where someone got recruited based on vote but it wasnít unanimous yet it passed anyway and afterward not everyone was getting along, but itís not really my place to tell someone how to run a clan.  Not that I have any experience or anything. ;)  Either way, if they last, good for them.  If not, it wouldnít be anything new.  Theyíre extra talent on our server, and thatís good enough for me.


Another clan that grabbed a few of the wannabeBBís and played on our server for awhile.  They got sucked up the same way GoE did, transferred into another new CS clan named Konflict, which will come up later.  Ks is all but dead but thereís still a few stragglers around.

[33 Bravo]

Clan thatís been around awhile.  Theyíve got some decent talent and are good to have around the server.  Their leader Noob is an admin on our server and helps us handle CS cheaters while weíre not around.  Good people, hope they stick around awhile.


Clan of people, some cool, some very arrogant and annoying.  They were around for awhile and giving us a little bit of a challenge on the server until they got merged with another clan into a clan named CoK.  Details coming.


Closest thing weíve got to an actual enemy at this point.  These guys formed out of nowhere and recruited people completely based on skill.  Sure fire sign they wonít last but theyíre annoying while theyíre around.  Weíre under the impression at LEAST one of their members cheats and that makes them a target for BB to kill, because if we prove theyíre cheating on our server theyíre banned. Until we prove it, we just make it a point to aim at them first to humiliate and prove weíre better. ;)


Konflict was almost BBís next Azeroth.  They formed in the worst possible way, stealing members from other clans. From nothing they stole most of GoE, most of Ks, and all of a side clan named [fourtwentyone].  It was a very fast forming and the leader of GoE, Moonwraith, was very upset about the entire situation because he lost his clan overnight and didnít even know it was coming.  Heís now a member of BB though so we all believe heís ascended to a higher level. ;) Due to the fact that konflict was formed on a lack of loyalty, it became our target because it stood for everything we believe against. They made a common fatal mistake though, they recruited based totally on skill.  Over the course of the last few months theyíve gone way downhill and probably wonít last much longer.  See timeline for details.

So these are BBís newest closest things to rivals.  Weíve been doing this for so long it almost feels as though we canít be rivaled, but Iím sure weíll always have some clan to pick on. ;)   I give immense credit to the clans thatíre around because theyíve formed their small communities.  I give no love to the clans that recruit everyone whoís good until they recruit too many and then the inter-clan battles begin to happen, because itís the downfall of every ìskilledî clan out there.  If you want to start a clan, I highly suggest you learn the art of benevolent dictatorship and diplomacy. More to come.




It all started with #WC2 on irc early June '96. It was run by this guy named Uglyjay. I found out about it through Pharoah and it was where people like me were hanging out at talking about war2 and playing the demo through the net. I had become somewhat proficient in the demo and for a long time was undefeated. It was actually true I was playing the war2demo in #wc2 and no one beat me ever for about a month. I then ran into a player named compadre and played him 1 on 1. He beat me....and pretty badly at that. I realized at that point that I was no war2 god as my head had expanded over the month. #wc2 went normal for awhile a small group of friends talking and playing war2demo all the time. At some point someone suggested we start a war2 ladder. I was game because I wanted to see my wins on a web page so I could admire them Uglyjay tried to start the ladder as did a sort of new person named Fusion. It turned out fusion knew a lot about web pages and stuff so Compadre and I went w/ him to talk about the new ladder. This is when #wc2 began to split up....


While talking about the ladder Fusion created #macwarcraft. We talked in there as to how scoring should go and so on. Uglyjay got pissed about this other (better) ladder and tried to use bots to put an end to our new channel. We were getting very tired of Jay because he was saying stupid things all the time and being a bit racist at times which really peed me off. Once we had a basic idea of how MWL should be Fusion got to work. Uglyjay also put up a ladder but it was poorly organized and not very accurate. So MWL had formed....#wc2 was now dead because everyone changed channels.....it was small and there wasn't much competition but it was up. I hadn't played compadre officially so I was like 22/0 or something like that....

MWL part 1

For a long time MWL went on as a single player ladder. It was only for the demo anyway as War2 full wasn't supposed to come out until August 16th (which got delayed) I was in first and I believe for a long time it was Harm behind me. Finally as War2 full came closer and we realized we could play 4 on 4's and so on instead of only 1 on 1 which the demo allows we decided it'd be cool if MWL expanded into clans when the full came out. I was still super enthusiastic about war2 so I wanted my clan ASAP. I mailed a good portion of the generation 1 BB members and asked them if they wanted to join my clan.

Early BB

After mailing my early group of 6 or so I came up w/ the name Burning Blade as our name. Harm and Compadre started Azeroth. Harm decided that we shouldn't all be in the same clan because it'd be a total slaughter. What he failed to mention is that when AZ became official he'd mail anyone w/ ANY skill and get them to join the clan. I was quite pissed at this and began stealing from AZ's ranks.


Orcz was supposedly asked by AZ to join and before he could give them an answer I mailed him asking him to come over to BB to even the odds a bit. Orcz being the type of guy he is immediately came to BB to become BB's second in command.


A supposedly amazing player who had just shown up out of the blue and was recruited into AZ before I knew who he was.... I became his friend and asked him to switch sides. After a long fight in his head over loyalty or the friendlier place he chose to join BB. Harm and Compadre we're VERY pissed at me for taking Kefka and at about this time AZ and BB became true enemies. They gave Kefka a very hard time for switching and because of the way they treated him I truly hated them both. Kefka got over it though and he became on of BB's better players.


My last snag from AZ was TK who was a friend of mine. I had no trouble at all getting him to switch as he was better friends w/ me then Compadre or Harm anyway. Stealing him put BB at 5 of it's 6 member max.


The last grab of our 6 squad. I messaged him on #macwarcraft asking f he was any good. He said yea and at the time I was looking for anyone so he was in =) It turned out he wasn't as good as he thought but w/ a little training he kicked MAJOR ass.

In our early days BB was a group designed for nothing more then to grind Azeroth into the ground and prove to everyone that we were the best clan. We had our enemies and now we knew who our allies were...

MWL part 2

The ladder was still everyone playing 1 on 1's on the demo but now there were clan rankings and you could see not only the best player, but the best clan as well. Some BB members were idling a bit but I was going strong along w/ a few others to keep us above AZ and the one other clan that had formed, JN (the Juggernaughts). Well BB was rocking the charts and it seemed that no one would ever catch up. Shortly after this the limit was raised to 10. This was when MWL was expanding, #macwarcraft was getting bigger, and BB was the most feared clan on the block. My next two grabs were Metavark, and Reppas. Meta and Reppas were pretty much snagged on a whim as I had NO idea how good they were or if they'd ever improve, guess I got REALLY lucky =) Giving us 2 free spots. I dropped Mac601 to make room for Reppas. It was a cruel thing to do and I apologize to Mac601 who suffered because of my greed for better players.


It was mid August when someone named Bfitz came on claiming he was porting warcraft to the Mac. We were all like "sure whatever" but eventually it seemed obvious he was telling the truth. Me still being my somewhat cocky self and almost never losing I challenged Mr. Warcraft to a game. It was still the demo and by this time I knew the map so well it would probably scare you. To keep this part short I pretty much thrashed him. Hit him w/ at least 2 to 3 times the men he had and 2 times the ships too. He said he was impressed and asked if I wanted to be the first external tester for blizzard. I of course said yes.

The testing days

After I got my Beta CD and was waiting for people to play against I played single player. For awhile I gave up on MWL because I was so tired of the demo and now that I had the full who needed it? This was when Harm started playing mass games and taking BB's spot on the ladder. Finally there were more external testers. I got to meet Mr-X, Robocop, and Anduril in #macwarcraft Beta. Pharoah also got to beta test so that made 5 of us in all. Bfitz played too though so we had fair teams =) I picked up the game in a flash because I had been reading strategy from shlonglor's page and w/ a little direction I was able to improve w/ ease. Pharoah was busy w/ other things and not very into war2 so I didn't ask him to join BB. I did however ask Robo, Anduril, and Mr-X to join up. They all were quite happy to. Unfortunately that gave me 11 members to a 10 player limit....

MWL part 3/ problems start

Fusion redesigned the ladder to suite the full version which was released. The new scoring system had many flaws though and made many of my members upset. Fusion and I were on EXTREMELY bad terms because I mailed him that I had 11 members and said I wasn't giving up anyone. I had been pushing my boundaries a lot on MWL because I seriously didn't agree w/ the way it was being run and the scoring system was simply wrong. It was based on games played instead of skill. You could kill 3 newbies and get more points then killing 1 person who was highly skilled. MWL started to gain more clans. Sil Tiras popped up and began playing like mad. Crimson Horde was another but it was small and not a threat. Eventually Fusion raised the limit to 14 and that was when I got the last members before BB decided to leave MWL. If I remember the members were Cruiser, Ringo, and Pioneer. W/ Robo that made 14 exactly.

BB withdraws from MWL

After much annoyance w/ MWL's new system and me and Fusion on bad terms finally something happened that totally split BB and MWL apart. We decided to play a 3 on 3 game. BB Vs JN Teams were Morpheus/Reppas/Blacklight Vs Fusion/DrDeath/DrPepper. It was a clan game and therefore counted for a lot of points on the ladder. Due to Reppas's old crappy ISP he dropped out of the game because his ISP dropped. It was about 10 mins into the game and therefor we should have stopped. I stopped building(note: I forgot to pause it...) and messaged the other 3 "what now?" I got no response and kept trying to message wondering WTF was going on. After a couple mins I got a response. The 3 of them all rushed me and took me out of the game. They then claimed it to be a clan win although my partner had dropped and I had no defense because I was sitting there typing. This straw literally broke the camel's back. I was SO outraged I made up my mind right there I was leaving MWL for good. I mean maybe I should have paused but it was absolute bull that they would take advantage of me trying for a fair game and then taking official points for it. After the game, on irc Fusion and DrDeath were yelling at me and I was yelling at them. Once they realized how serious I was about pulling out of MWL they said they'd call it an allied win (worth less points) but I was still so angry that I was only angered more that they wanted points at all for that crappy win....

The Choice

I was angry and after that game I mailed the clan immediately. I knew it was harsh but I gave them an ultimatum. Three choices as to the outcome of BB. Here they are: 1) I leave MWL alone, I hand the clan over to Orcz(second in command) and leave MWL forever just to play for fun. I never really expected anyone to vote for this because of BB's close friendship but I made it an option nonetheless. 2) BB leaves MWL as a group and then goes to a new ladder. One hopefully w/ a better system and show off our skills there. This was voted for most but ended up never happening as you will find out later... 3) BB leaves MWL and becomes a mercenary clan. A group of friends that you know you can always rely on in a game. Sort of like the Kali group the SK's (shadow knights) And kicking lamers ass's who think they're all that and show em that the ladder means nothing. After this mail went out I got many responses very quickly. Everyone voted either choice 3 or 2 but I was extremely proud that none of my guys wanted me to leave alone. Some of them actually got mad at me for even making the suggestion. God I love these guys :) The land sliding decision was that BB was a clan in MWL, and we'd be just as good without MWL, hopefully better. We created #burningblade, our own place, where no one could touch us.

The short happiness

For a short period of time BB was doing good. We were free. I picked up Bfitz and Pharoah because I no longer had to worry about clan limits or anything stupid like that. But nothing lasts forever....

The dark ages

Somehow BB began to die. I think we were without purpose. We were originally designed just for the purpose of conquering the ladder, we no longer had a ladder to conquer. The one attempt that was made at starting a new ladder faded and never was continued, so BB was now without true cause. We began to go separate ways. Some of us purchased Kali and began playing there. Teaming occasionally but still not as close as we were. Some of us went to other interests, played other games and just idled on #burningblade, talked occasionally but no real interest in the clan. Some of us just disappeared into the night, stopped showing up on irc altogether. It was truly a sad day for Burning Blade when this began. I personally went to Kali, I met many good friends there and honed my skills in warcraft to become even more proficient at the game. Reppas was one to also join me in Kali land although he didn't become quite as well known. Shortly after getting on Kali I began being called "The only good Mac player" which I certainly didn't mind because I had gained respect. I went to IWL(international warcraft league) which was a PC league and rarely hung w/ my guys at all anymore. I was never in #mwc (macwarcraft) and BB was becoming a forgotten clan....I recruited Killjoy in hope it would bring some activity to #bb(burning blade) but to no avail...


After I had sufficiently improved in war2 on Kali I started truly seeing BB was pretty much dead. I knew I had to do something. Someone had been against BB leaving MWL and hadn't said anything when he had the chance. My choices may not have been too wise, but they did make us active again. I messaged the clan saying our problem was not external but internal. In a desperate measure I kicked Blacklight and Killjoy from the clan thinking that they had been the one mocking BB. Killjoy went off to play in a clan w/ his friend _splitz_ so he didn't seem to mind too much. We're still cool. As for Blacklight he was outraged I called him the traitor and still claimed BB even after he wasn't officially a member. I saw this extreme loyalty and immediately let him back in and apologized for my mistake. Blacklight is truly BB and I'll never doubt him again. Well with that scare knocked into my guys it began becoming active again. Note: some are still inactive but it's because they're busy not because they don't want to be. People started coming back in and BB was becoming it's old self again. There were some slight problems in BB. Some of my first generation members were becoming upset that I was letting so many new people in. They said BB was losing some of it's personality and I guess in some ways it was. But as I see it now BB has gained so much more from our newer members.

The resurrection and late 2nd generation

BB was coming back to life. I began recruiting based on personality instead of skill. By this time I had learned enough that I could teach any player w/ potential how to play in a short period of time. I recruited War, Valarion, Sung, and Cheez. War was grabbed because I'd heard he was going up in war2 fast and he asked me to help him learn. He is now one of the best players I have encountered. Valarion was taken from Sil Tiras because he was a friend and I was grabbing all of my close irc friends quickly. Cheez was a friend of many BB members and was quickly brought into the clan after our resurrection. Sung I've known since his newbie days, he was a very fast learner and a great guy. I snagged him as fast as I could convince him BB was a better clan =)


After BB came back to life we spent much time back in #mwc. We quickly became known again by all the newbies that had joined while we were dead. BB's name was quickly remembered and once again feared by all the old players and now the new ones too. We all hung out in #bb all the time just joking around and having fun teaming up against our own clan or grouping as a clan to take on outsiders. BB doesn't fight w/ outsiders against BB. But to train BB fights in team games against other BB members. Those games are always incredibly intense because we all know how the others play. We're that in tune at this point.

Slight Team probs

Individually almost all BB members rarely lose. Like a 1 on 1 is so rarely lost in a BB Vs someone else game that we became overly confident. When playing in team games we would normally branch off, one BB hitting one while the other BB hits the other. This normally won against people w/ less skill then us. We became arrogant in our level of achievement and weren't playing as a true team. I realized this after we lost in a 3 on 3 against 3 people who weren't as good but coordinated well. Basically BB played it's game as usual...."I'll hit here, you hit here" but we lost because they hit us 3 on 1 and beat each of us 1 at a time. After this game I realized we had gotten overconfident, and we needed to start working together instead of relying on ourselves only. This is recent, like past 2 or 3 weeks. I mailed the clan saying we needed to get our heads out of the clouds and learn to be better as a unit not individuals. Since then we've been training harder then ever and haven't lost a team game since that one against those 3 great players (tool, scorp, pmonkey )

Generation 3

It started after that fateful 3 on 3 I just told you about. Tool played an awesome game and I enjoyed his style and sense of humor. I asked him if he wanted to become a member and he said yes in a flash. He's a great guy w/ a lot of clan spirit and I can't imagine us w/o him now. Secondly a few days after I grabbed a dorm mate of his (Michman). Mich was really cool and a friend of Valarion's. He also had the certain personality the BB looks for and fit right in. Our last 3rd generation member(so far) is scrooge. I recruited him last night. He's been in #mwc for a long time and has always been a really great guy to talk to. Pharoah and Sung both fully supported him in joining and many others too. He's a great friend and a true asset to the clan.

HOBB update

It's been about a month or so so I thought I'd add to the roster :) We have 3 new members: Mortal,Tenchi, and mpulze. You can read about them in BB members section. We have a new rival clan (sorta) read about them in enemies and below. We took out a couple members(you'll see why below)

BB removals

Blacklight had been removed from BB once because people were having trouble getting along w/ him. I thought I made a mistake and let him back in. No sooner had I done this then arrogance returned to BB :P He said some stupid things in games and was giving BB a bad name by acting like a jerk when he won or lost. Either way some members came to me telling me he was being a jerk and some non BB's too... After a vote we decided it was best he was "retired" from Burning Blade. So long Black.... Ringo we removed because of BB's size and his lack of attendance. I liked him a lot but he was almost never around and almost no one in BB even had any idea who he was :( So after a quick and painful vote on my part he was voted out of BB. See ya Ringo...


This guy recently started joining #mwc and talking in a pirate accent... at first he annoyed me, then I started liking him. After attempts to get him into BB we voted, he swayed a few people but in general people were put off by his general way of acting. In the end he was outvoted so I had to tell him he wasn't in :( I guess he was bitter or something because our relationship changed later, Anyway he's now part of a new clan....Warsong..


Woah where in the hell did THIS clan come from :) One day the only clans even remembered are BB and AZ and all of a sudden this new clan warsong is coming on yelling about how AWESOME they were. I dunno what to think of these guys. Some of them are my friends and good players. But what Ir8 calls clan spirit is called arrogance and stupidity in my book. They are good players but somewhere along the line one of them got the idea they were much better then BB. I am talking w/ nothing but facts when I say these guys are NOT as good as us. Maybe they will be, but they're not at that level I've worked so hard to get to yet. So naturally I was bothered by lines like "The Blade will melt under the foot of warsong devision 151" and stupid shit like that. So BB challenged them to a 4 on 4. Here's the story.... We played HSC. Morph/pulzy/scrooge/sung vs 4 warsong's. We got a few juggs out and were owning the sea when pulzy suddenly got dropped because his stepdad picked up the phone :P I was not really thinking and kept playing the 3 on 4 because I figured we were winning. After playing it out we kept the sea for the whole game and took out 2 of the enemy players but couldn't get the others because of how much land they had. I then dropped because my modem flooded out. To make a long story short a enemy player got out a single dragon and no one had the cash(or lumber) to make something to stop it. So BB lost, but it wasn't a fair game IMO. If we had been playing for real (or thinking straight) we should have gone back to chat and opened the last saved game. I'm mad at myself for not thinking of that but it's too late now. BB owes Warsong a game. I'm sure we'll get it soon enough.... (and next time we'll show em just how dangerous BB can be :) )

New Ladder

About a week ago BB's old member Killjoy put up a new ladder. I've taken a look at it and it looks good. I mailed the clan and they seem to want to get on it. We have never needed a ladder to show people who's best but, hey, it never hurt to have it on paper (or web page) :) I think we're gonna get on it and once again show 'em where it's at....

Update #2

Robo's back!: Well folks robo came back on and I just went nuts. We started teamin again and the deadly combo was back. Once against we would take on any 2 people and just slaughter them horribly. It felt great! :) I was glad to see my old friend again and I hope he's here to stay.

Ladder Wars

Killjoy had started NMWL (new mac warcraft league) and ir8pir8 started MaG (Macintosh Gaming league) Because of my feelings towards ir8 and what he stood for I pretty much banned BB from MaG. I allowed members to join it but BB as a clan would not support MaG. We supported NWML but it got no publicity and died a slow painful death. What happens to NMWL is for the future to decide but MaG is now a powerful going ladder. It's actually frustrating because every time I want to play everyone want's a "MaG official" so I tend to play only BB games and a few old #mwc friends at this point.

The Death of AZ

Well I suppose it was bound to happen.... Az is a sinking ship right now grasping for straws. Here's how it all started. Supposedly Khadgar got into a fight w/ Harm and they both got really pissed off and LEFT AZ. Like for good. Killermonk also left for some reason that I'm not quite sure. The_O took over as head of AZ, scorp second in command. This was the beginning of a huge downward spiral.

Oldman and Scorp

Both became friends of mine who I talked to a lot in my free time on irc. Oldman was turning down clans left and right because he didn't know what he wanted or who he wanted to be with. After talking with us for about a week intensely he asked me where to sign up. I had asked the clan and EVERYONE had said yes. That was the first time in BB history there was a consensus on bringing in anyone. When scorp found out about Oldman joining BB he said one thing: "NOOOOOO" (scorp had wanted Oldman in AZ) Scorp just said he couldn't take it anymore, "I'mleavingazandjoiningBBcuzIcan'ttakethisshitanymore" is what he said, or something alone those lines.

Next step in Az failure

So scorp left and The_O was REALLY pissed at me cuz I "stole" his second in command. O left because he decided it wasn't worth the trouble anymore. Then Optik left because he decided there was no point in staying. A couple other unknowns left az to go off into other clans and such, overall it was pretty sad. The

Tenchi incident

Well, Tenchi has left BB. It can't be easily explained but he never really seemed to fit in very well. I did my best to fix the problem but a lot of people would message me when I was online saying he was pissing them off until eventually I got mad at him for random reasons too. The day he left was a bad one, I was having a bad week and I yelled at Tenchi cuz he kept asking stupid questions that you could answer just by opening netscape and searching. Then he pissed off jerry I think by asking Valarion a buncha questions and they got into a LARGE debate. Later Tenchi came on and messaged me saying he wanted to leave BB. Saying it was a bad enviroment for him and it was for us too. I hated to admit it but he was right. BB was having large problems that could only be resolved if Tenchi left.... so he did and life went on. I still consider Tenchi a friend but he's no longer in the group that I spend my time with.

The_O and Optik situation

Durring the Tenchi discussions I had been talking about letting in The_O and Optiknerv, both friends to a lot of us in BB. The votes were very controversial. A lot of people would say Yes and a few key people would say No and then a bunch would abstain. It was a very hard decision to make but in the end I used my personal judgement and majority to decide. I knew in my gut that they would only increase the good thing we had so I pulled leader rank and let them both in. They are both very happy with us and so far it would seem BB is very happy with them. So overall it seems like it was a good decision. :)

Morph visits the Stanford crew

Well I went down to stanford and I got to meet the whole gang. Tool, Scorp, Pmonkey, Michman, Primate and Automaton. I also met Valarion and Mortal cuz they were in the area so we all hooked up. I had an awesome time and am glad to say I got to meet some members of BB. I just hope I get to meet more soon :)

Morph on a losing streak

Man I do not know WHAT happened to me, I think I tweaked my build order one too many times or something but I started losing games left and right. BB games, #mwc games, you name it. Man it sucked! Funny this happened when I decided to learn how to play as humans instead of orcs .:) I switched back to orcs and kept losing for awhile.... I dunno what happened to me.

Morph is BACK!

Wooo! I started tweaking my order back to making a good amount of grunts at the begining and somehow my control came back to me tenfold. I have been playing the most awesome games of my life the last few days and nothing's gonna stop me now! :) (except maybe those awesome players in that BB clan :) )

A Blast from the Past

Recently Scrooge and I played Harm and Compadre (the Oldest of AZ members) in a 2x2. I was really stoked about it cuz I hadn't played them in a really long time. Plus Scrooge is an awesome teamate to have with ya. We played FixedGOW and the spots were perfect. Me and scrooge had bottom right spots, Harm had bottom left, Padre top right. We isolated them fast and just built up for awhile. Scrooge went fast to ogres and fast to lust and I expanded early. Scrooge pulled an AWESOME trick and sapped into Padre's town from below, walked 7 lusted into his town, and killed everything with NO resistance. Harm took out my exp and I got the peons at his too. Then Scrooge was fighting Harm for awhile and while that was happening I WALKED 5 sappers into Harm's main town. Before he figured out what was goin on I had sapped his alter, mound, smith, and tower. He tried to make the mound and smith again but 2 more sappers took care of that. After that it was just mop up. Padre actually got my last exp because he sent 20 GRUNTS in, but when he ran away he ran into about 30 Morph/Scrooge ogres and that was the end of that. We killed Harm's last expansion and I smoked his main town with about 4-5 ogres (remember he had none) so they surrendered. I had a great time that game because it felt good to take on (and beat) such awesome players from the olden demo days.

BB closing due to overpopulation

After recruiting O and Optik I made a promise to BB that for 2-3 months BB would accept no new members. This controlled overpopulation coming in too fast and also gave us a chance to get to know people better. I'm very glad we did it although I got about 1500 messages asking if we were open yet so they could "apply". hehehe too bad you can't apply for BB....you gotta be asked.


Primus was a clan that came and went in a odd way. Terje got pissed and left AZ right before it sorta hit it's last legs. He started a clan w/ a large group of intermediate/skilled players and formed Primus. For awhile there was a lot of kinship in the channel and everyone was talking about how good primus was, but it was not to last. Primus recruited very quickly and didn't fully get to know it's new members, in the end there was some inter-clan rivalry and it ended up people getting pissed at each other. In one day every member of Primus left except for maybe 4 people. It was actually kinda sad because if players with that potential were grouped and stayed grouped we might get a few really challenging games going on :)


I'd say this clan is closer to an ally clan to BB than an enemy. It grew relatively slowly with spurts just as BB did and members were solely brought in on friendship then trained, the right way to go about it. They formed of VERY respectable players both in skill and in personality and I have high hopes for this growing clan. Of course we don't team w/ them and we still fight them but it's always in good fun and to improve our playing skills. LyubM was originally in BT but came to BB because he had been wanting in for a long time and was glad to get the offer :)

BB re-opens

Well our time passed and BB re-opened it's doors. I tried to do it quietly but it spread like wildfire through #mwc...

Sniperman and LyubM

The description tells most about these two. Snipe's been a friend since before I even played warcraft and LyubM I met and was immediately impressed with. They got a lot of BB support so I invited 2 newbies into the click :) Snipe joined us after the falling of Primus and Ly came to us from the open arms of BT.


Well it looks like Killjoy and _Splitz_'s ladder is back, and DAMN is it ever good. I suggest everyone go to http://www.nuviewstudios.com/gmg/index2.html and check out this awesome page. It contains 10 different ladders with more on the way etc etc. Anyway, enuf of a plug. At the request of BB we've rejoined KJ's ladder under the warcraft 2 section and are quite ready to beat some official ass again. I hope the best for my friends KJ and Splitz cuz they really put their hearts into this and deserve the best. Once again it's time to PHEAR DA BLADE! ;)


New clan started from GMG, it contains good players such as Death, Deathbro, Ballista, Atombomb, and Warmonger. I personally think that a couple of their players are a bit cocky but then, BB is pretty cocky sometimes :) These guys have potential so I hope they can get up there and show their stuff on the upcomming Lands of Conquest Tourney.


Well Killjoy and Splitz finally got Lands of Conquest up, the competition looks alright but we shall see how things go. I personally think we're gonna rock the hell out of this tourney and can't wait for it to start. :)

BB 1 year anniversary!

Well, it's the end of June, and BB is officially one year old! This is a really cool thing in my eyes cuz we've lasted through everything lameness could throw at us. :) Most of the original six are still active as is the rest of the crew, and as of now everyone still seems quite happy to be here so I can forsee BB bein around for a long time to come. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUYS! =)


It's been awhile since anything's happened in BB but it's time to update. :) it's now Augest 1st and Rubi was just landslide voted yes by all the active members, so I couldn't turn it down. It's the big 3-0 guys :) 30 BB members and no more need for expansion, now lets just hope everyone on irc stays idiots so no one will be tempting. :)

Morph's mistake

Awww shit I learned what a MUD was and started mudding. Phear that because it's way too addicting and you end up wasting you life. It's taken me over half a year to break the addiction and now that it's Feb. it's time to update, cuz BB's still here. :)

Playing Wc2 again

Well guys, the sceen is finally pretty dead, only about 4 BB still play wc2 but at least 10-20 of us still join #bb to talk and have a good time. It's good to see that after almost two years we're still intact and still good friends. Anyways, I started playing WC2 again after 7 months, I figured I'd suck. To the contrary I feel I'm better than I was before I quit, and playing with scorp, tool, lyubm and the rest of the die hard BB's, we're rocking the house again. :)

What I missed

All I know is Primus has broken and reformed three times, it is now in it's third incarnation which I now call clan "heh" because they say it after every thing they say. They are totally disrespectful and cocky twits, but that's their business. A few of them are actually cool guys, but the overwhelming lameness of their leader and his bootlick destroys any chance of having a respectable group of wc2 players. BB activity wc2 wise is really down, the game is old and everyone's doing other things. I played myth for a week but it was boring to me. There are still a few of us wc'ers and that's still good, but competition isn't so easy to find anymore, and most of the people you have to play for a good game will rub your face in it if you lose, so it's not all that fun. The one thing that keeps me going is the awesome teamwork I still have with the BB who still love the game as much as I do :)

BB meeting + punkash

Well about a week ago I met up with Pharoah, scorp, tool, mortal, michman, and as an extra addition Punkash from BT joined us. This was kinda weird for me because before this meeting ash had been cocky a few times and kinda pissed me off. When I met the guy it blew me away tho because he was really cool and we ended up talking for most of the day together. I still wonder if the meeting will effect his irc personality at all, but time shall tell in that matter. Regardless, I had a really good time at the get together, and it's amazing how long you can talk about wc2. :)

Battle.net channel BB

(by Robocop) In April 1998 Starcraft came out for the PC. Since I had a PC in my office, I decided to get SC. A few of the others also had PCs and we started a little group in channel BB on battle.net. LegendX, War, Yagr, Metavark, Anduril and I played every night, whooping people in 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 games. Some of the best stories from this time are on my story page. Some of our old #mwc acquaintances showed up in channel BB: Perry, Grond, DrPepper and others. I made BB-Winters so that we could have a bot to run our channel. We met Bob Fitch, lead programmer for Starcraft, and became friends with him. By the fall of 1998, lyubm had a PC and was playing with us. We got the Brood War beta and we made phear in channel Brood War Beta USA-1 for a couple of months. Later the Mac beta testers got access to battle.net and Morpheus joined us. Scrooge got a PC and started making phear as well. As of February 1999, Winters is one of the most popular bots on bnet and channel BB is a rare haven of non-lameness.

Change is inevitable

Channel BB lasted a good amount of time. I was playing Starcraft online with BB while I spent a year in college. At first it was a blast because there was still a decent amount of activity and I saw somewhere between 4-8 members around at a time. This lasted for a few months but as time passed since the mac release of Starcraft was as late as it was, a lot of the original PC BB members who had the game had gotten bored of it and stopped playing. I played it for as long as I could but when youíre gaming with BB, and used to gaming with BB, gaming without BB is just no fun. So BB started to taper off Starcraft and move on. We did make it a good year, maybe year and a half on SC though, so I give the game credit. :) 

Tool disappears, War follows

I hate losing BB members. You have NO IDEA how much I hate losing BB members. Tool was going to school at Stanford and his grades began to fail because of how often he was gaming. He made a conscious decision to leave BB in order to get his life together. I was unhappy about it but I accepted it. Itís part of the game, because as much clan love as we create, we are still formed around gaming, and there are times where gaming just isnít a possibility in life. The circumstances behind War leaving are pretty convoluted, but what it comes down to is his job and life commanded him to leave the internet, and so he said his goodbyes and weíve not heard from him since. I do truly hope he returns as War was one of the cooler members BB has had and I do truly miss him.


Myth came out for Mac and BB almost had a revival over this. I remember distinctly Robocop, Myself, Trueno, and Cheez started playing Myth and getting into it. I played it for around a month and had fun learning it but for me personally the game just wasnít as fun as warcraft 2, which has been a long standing problem with me getting into games, they have a lot to live up to. Myth was a brief revival though, it couldnít hold BBís interest as a whole so it ended up dropping off.

Downtime always sucks

It has never been easy for me to accept that BB is in a slump. Granted weíve lived through every single one of them but itís hard when you miss your friends and theyíre not around. I got sucked into a mud, BB had no game to play, and the mailing list was pretty inactive. Never fun, but as always we had to break past it and we didÖ.

Email Revitalization

While we had no game, BB refused to die again, so our BB mails kept coming. We brought up a message board which is still up today, and even though we didnít play the games, we kept up to date on each otherís lives, knowing one day we would be back in the swing of it.

Morph leaves for a bit

After my first year of college I decided to hit the working world. I let the clan know I was gonna be offline for a bit and real life took over for a bit. I always hate when this happens because I have absolute faith in BBís ability to work without me but I know that my efforts always double everyone elses because I am so obsessed. :) I find out later Yagr was considering leaving the clan during this time, which I was distressed when I found that out but his reasoning was one that touched me. He said ìIt wasnít that I didnít want to be in the clan, itís that it hurt so bad that it wasnít around anymore, I couldnít bare to be a part of it anymoreî. He didnít leave though, and Iím damn glad because he rocks, as does everyone whoís made it past the cut. After I had some fun in the real world for awhile, I began searching for new games to get sucked into. We also lost Scrooge during this time because he found Unreal Tournament and most of BB hasnít been interested. In December of 1999 I found another alternative to gaming, a new girlfriend. Her name is Wendi and this December weíll hit our two year anniversary. She had to deal with being a gamer girlfriend so she did the right thing. She couldnít beat me, so she joined me. She is now a BB recruit and plays as Gurl in CS, more details later. :) I found a few fun games, but nothing BB worthy, until my friend Dasein showed me a game called Counter-Strike.


Cacking bitches. Ahhhhhh Cacking bitches. BBís new game, probably for at least another 6months to a year. I got my hands on it, played for one night, and was completely hooked. My first real First Person Shooter(FPS) game that Iíd gotten into multiplayer besides Marathon, but I was determined to get good. One day after I got it I sent a BB email saying we needed to play this game. Come to find out at least 3 people had been playing it for a year prior (it had been public beta for a LONG time) and were more than down to group up. After we got a server put up by Orie, BB had a place to meet, hang, talk, and get back into the swing of things. Within a month BB was fully active with over 10 people playing CS on our server and it was awesome. BB email was at an all time high and everyone was fully enjoying the fact that we were as active as ever. You can knock BB down, but we ALWAYS get back up. =)


Dasein was recruited into BB when we first started playing CS. I nominated him and was perhaps a bit hasty in doing so. He got along decently with the clan but most people didnít know him or who he was. He wanted us to go pro CS, play ladders, get organized, and play to win. BB always plays to win, but we play by our terms, and unfortunately he didnít grasp that in time. At one point he sent an email to the clan saying ìessentiallyî the only reason BB was active at all is because he showed me CS and I showed it to the rest of the clan. Yagr read this email and took it rather personally because there is NO entity that makes or breaks BB, and we all know that. I realize that I may be leader of this clan but I am in no way the only reason BB is still around. Itís taken the effort of ALL our members to be as strong as we are, and that effort will continue to be put forth for as long as I can see. Regardless, Yagr has a talent for being able to piss people off when he wants to, and this email Dasein sent upset him, so Dasein became his target. He gave Dasein more shit than Iíve ever seen ANYONE take online and it was personal. Dasein withstood it for about 2 weeks after that email before Yagrís constant harassment was enough to make him leave the clan. He decided he didnít want to be a part of any clan that had Yagr in it and left. Theyíve met in real life since and things have been worked out. Whether or not he makes it back into BB is yet to be decided.


I got DSL and CS at my house and was playing it pretty much non-stop, so all my real life friends had to adjust. ;) Pharoah started seeing CS and playing and got hooked quickly so he brought his computer down and hooked it into the network to play next to me. Orie got a computer down to my house too so we had three linked next to each other for constant cacking bitches, which was awesome. Orie saw how hyped I was about BB getting back online for CS and he decided to do something he had been thinking about for a long time. He bought us burningblade.org, and set us up email accounts on our new domain and gave us webspace. BB saw this act and then found out that Orie was Mac601 back in the day, he got voted in within a day. He then set us up a CS server to go with our domain and everyone was so impressed that it was as if heíd never left us. Goes to show, you can leave BB, but if youíre a true member, youíll never dissapear. ;)


Counter-Strike was unlike any other game BB has played as far as recruiting goes. Itís an FPS, and the only time you interact is while youíre playing. There was no IRC or chat room BB hit up before playing the game, we just played the game and talked with players while they were there. The problem in this is you canít really feel out someoneís personality without some good talk time so we implemented a new rule. If we find someone worthy of being in BB, we make them a recruit. For three months they get to play on our server with a tag saying [-BBr-], and they get clan emails etc etc, so they get a free three months to see if they can fit in. A few make it, a few donít. Actually rephrase. Two have made it, a third probably will if things continue as they have been, and all others have failed. Getting that ìrî put on your name is an honor though, because weíre pretty anal about who we even TRY to recruit, let alone get past that part.


Once again, BB decided to try the land of the ladders. At first it was awesome, we were playing 5v5 against other clans and whooping them up. We had a few good matches here and there but it was mostly BB showing the world like it was. Then a turn for the worse happened. As we climbed the ladder we expected it to increase in skill as we got higher up, which it did, but then we saw something far worse. We had a match where it was 5v5, good squad vs good squad, and the match begins. Within the first 15 seconds all of BB is dead. Ok, maybe theyíre just really goodÖkinda bull, but sure. Then we start getting shot through walls, with people who never missed, and ALWAYS knew where you were no matter what. Simple problemÖ.cheaters. CS has a lot of cheaters, and it sucks. It canít be stopped, and the ladders donít care, so as always itís not based off of who can play the best, just who can cheat the most inconspicuously. After one loss we were upset but we figured it was a fluke. Our next 4 matches were against clans who were cheating SO obviously that it hurt. I mean generally you can feel it out and give people the benefit of the doubt but certain things canít be faked. You CANíT see through walls, you CANíT hear people when they arenít moving and you SHOULD miss one bullet at least occasionally. I mean thereís good aim, and thereís someone who just DOES NOT missÖ.it sounds possible, but play CS. If you can hit your target with every bullet you fire, you should be studied by scientists on your reflexes and super-human abilities. Iíve been playing this game a long time and I still am nowhere near as good as these guys were, and Iíve proven that at least most good players I can be a challenge for, so I canít figure how someone could make it impossible for me to ever kill them. BB in general felt the same way, some of these guys just were not playing legit, they couldnít have been. We forfeited one of our last matches when it got so ridiculous they were shooting us from behind walls with no line of sight, I logged off, sent an email to BB saying this was ridiculous, BB agreed, and once again we bailed out on the ladder life. Perhaps weíll get back into one if they ever find a sure fire way to stop cheaters, but itís also possible someday men will get pregnant and women will get jock itch. (riiiight).

Misunderstood, Pestilence5150, Blinkshot, Plus

Four guys who were in our first recruit wave. Misunderstood was a really nice kid, but he was a kid, and his immaturity annoyed enough BB players that he didnít make it past the first cut. Pestilence5150 is also Sniper5150, one of the founding members of konflict. He had a really good shot at making it in but while he was a BBr he wasnít playing the game with us because of some real life issues. After 2 months had past no one in BB even knew who he was so they decided to 86 him. Shame too, good guy. Blinkshot was a good guy but for some reason he rubbed some BB members the wrong wayÖitís always a shame when that happens and a good person has to get the axe but thatís how it works. When youíve got a stable 25 people you canít add an unstable 26th, it just doesnít work right. Plus or ì+î as he played on the server, was a Russian guy who was VERY good at CS, but his attitude annoyed the heck out of BB. He sent emails in caps lock and spoke very broken English so it soon became a joke that he was a loser version of Lyubm, which in turn was his failing. He wasnít as cool of a rooskie as our old rooskie, so he didnít make the cut.

Ks and Bravo

After our server was up and stable, it started attracting good players. The clanís always fine with this because good competition means entertainment. After a few people expressed interest in BB and didnít make it, some side clans began to form. Ks was one of the first. It had a few decent members, and a few people who were just dicks but they were good at the game. Plus went to Ks after we 86íd him. The clan was around awhile until a guy named ìtheabusiveî from the fourtwentyone clan recruited them all into konflict.

33 Bravo also started showing up, with Noob and a few others. They were good players and cool guys so we enjoyed having them around. They almost died off for awhile but they started fresh and restructured so theyíre still going strong. Good for them. :) I donít get along with all their members but I do think theyíre decent people, so I give them respect.

GoE and Moonwraith

GoE I felt had the most potential because almost all of their members were really cool and fun to play with. Moonwraith, leader of GoE, makes a great member for BB, but apparently he wasnít the best possible leader, to hear it from the side of some Ex-GoE guys. Overnight 90% of GoE was recruited into a new clan Konflict, being lead by ìtheabusiveî, the leader of another clan being merged. Moonwraith took the hit hard, and almost swore off CS, but I wasnít gonna let that happen. I took him under my wing and brought him to BB as our newest member/project. I say project because Moon rocks, but Moon is sometimes very 17, and when he first came to me he was a 17 year old with a massive ego. Granted I saw through it and saw he was a cool guy, but he needed a little bit of the old BB smackdown. So he got it. =) We gave him BBr tag, and let him hit the server. Yagr and I knocked his pretty little ego every chance we got. Yeah heís BB, but heís our newest, and just a recruit, so that makes him our bitch. :) Besides, being part of BB doesnít mean that YOU are cool, it means YOU are now part of a GREATER cool. The individual means nothing, itís all about the clan. :) Anyway, Moonís still 17 as of right now, but heís growing quickly, both in maturity and skill, and I think some of that is him, and I think some of that is us, but it feels good to see it happen.

Morph moves to Vegas

In California, fall of 2000, the dot com industry took a massive dip. In that dip I lost my job. I lived carefully for a month trying to find a job and found nothing so I decided to attempt living in a cheaper area. After a lot of hard choices, I asked Wendi to move with me to Vegas, packed my stuff, and left my best friends such as Pharoah and Orie behind, which was a very rough experience. I started playing CS from there and got my roommate Airborne into the game. This is also when I got to meet Moon and started moving him into a BB worthy position. :)


Konflict was the clan that stole all of GoEís members and all of Ksís as well. They caught a lot of flak from BB because they formed by stealing members from another clan. Granted BB has stolen a person or two over the years but the ENTIRE clan was formed by destroying others, and I give that no love. At first konflict looked like it would stay strong because they had a lot of the cool GoE people and the cool Ks members and not too many pricks. Unfortunately they made a dire mistake, two actually. One, they had three leaders. Iím sorry, doesnít work. Inter-clan communication is a must and when you have three different people thinking they run the show, shit goes awry really fast. Two, they recruited everyone skilled they could find. Worked great for the first 15-20 people, then they got too big for their own good. Now theyíre a huge clan with all sorts of internal problems and it looks as though they may not last another month. More details as they come. For now though, we got Moon, they got assed out, and weíre ok with that. :)


This year we had our 5 year anniversary, and we did it in style. I mailed the clan in Mayíish saying we needed to do some big party thing for our fifth year, and after a lot of lack of organization, about two weeks before the selected date, we decided a party in Las Vegas would rule. Our attendance was awesome, we had myself, Wendi, Moon, Yagr, Orie, Killerkat*, Bfitz, Robocop, Pio, Flea, Stalker, Sniperman, and Airborne* there. *=not a BB member. Pio made it into town first, and then once Yagr was in town we all went down to the Luxor and the party began. There was gambling, chatting, eating, babes, drugs, and just all sorts of partying going down. The first evening was smaller so that night the group dropped E and we had a BB love fest. Nothing cooler than having Yagr walk up to me and the first thing out of his mouth was ìMorph, I need a hugî. Anyone whoís known Yagr for longer than 5 minutes knows that thatís just not something youíre gonna hear out of him. ;) The second day a lot more people showed up, and we ate then went to gameworks and did what we do best, PLAYED GAMES! It was a blast having 10 BB people all in one indy car game playing against each other. That evening we hit the pool at my house and a bunch decided to go off to a strip club. I unfortunately missed that part but to hear them tell it it was a blast. Extra credit goes to Bfitz who dropped more money there than anyone else. ;) BB managed to smoke through about 1,500 dollars in one evening which completely amuses me. After that we all went back to the Luxor and those who were in it for the long haul stayed up all night and chilled as a group. It could not have been more awesome. I left the weekend feeling better about the clan than I ever had before, because the clan pride was overwhelming the entire weekend. I love BB, Iíve always loved BB, and that weekend was just more proof that this is the best accomplishment Iíve ever had in my life and I never want to see it die.

Gurl and Flea

After the BB orgy two new recruits were initiated. BBr Gurl and BBr Flea. Flea used to play Starcraft with us back in the day and is one of Yagrís buds in real life. He was totally awesome at the party and fit in excellently with the BB vibes so he was a keeper. Gurl being Wendi rocks. :) Iíve always thought she was BB material but sheís my girlfriend so thatís not my place to bring up. Fortunately I didnít have toÖ.the clan did it for me. After playing CS with her and seeing what kind of person she is they asked me to call for a vote. I did, she passed with flying colors, and sheís now a recruit. :) Her 3 months is up soon so weíll see what happens.

Return Home

After 6 months in Las Vegas, I moved back to Cali. Wendi didnít like Vegas much, the heat was a lot for her, and itís a rough place to live, so I figured Iíd rather be broke and happy than have money and not her. I got a house which I now rent and live with Orie and Kat. Wendi and I have one of the other rooms. A good part of this is I now get to see my best friends often again which I missed terribly, and the second good part is moving back led to the best damn BB party you could ever have imagined.


Cheaters on Krack. Actually I have no idea what this clan tag stands for but these are the reminants of a few other clans that were playing on our server. Before it was CoK it was a clan named BallzOut, who had some decent players but a lot of assholes too. CoK formed and scooped up all of BallzOut and some other random players who played exceptionally well, they just have a nasty attitude. I personally give most people the benefit of the doubt, and wonít call anyone a cheater unless theyíre obvious. These guys look like cheaters. They always know where you are, they never miss, but it hasnít been provable yet, so theyíre still around. For now though I look at it this way, theyíre cannon fodder for me getting better. If they wanna cheat, thatís fine, until they get caught and banned they just make the gameplay more interesting. Their clan unity is non-existant and I can guarantee they wonít make it past CS, if even through CS.

Housewarming with the Best People in the World

Moonwraith was missing me after I left so he decided he wanted to fly out from Vegas and visit as soon as possible. We worked out the date of August 24th, 2001. At first it was just gonna be a small hangout party with Moon and Airborne who also flew out, but it became much more. Dasein was going to drive up from LA and he talked to Yagr so Yagr decided to come up as well. Then Stalker and Sniperman discovered the date and said they would drive down. Tool got wind of it and decided to Bart up, and we contacted mpulzy and got him to come down as well. All my non-BB friends made calls too and it just ended up being forty people wanting to come instead of six. We worked it out, planned for it, I invited as many BBís as could make it, and things got set. I finally got to meet pulzy, which was something Iíve waited a long time to do. Friday evening I got off work and came home to Stalker and Sniperman hanging at my pad setting up their computers. Unaware it was going to be a LAN party as well I was surprised but happy because who can go wrong with a BB LAN party? We already had 5 working comps up in our house but by Friday night we were up to 12. Sniper5150 and a couple of his friends in konflict came up. After the party got hopping Friday evening, everyone got high, drunk, sober, whatever their preference, and the fun began. First we decided to make that night the night we initiated Moon, because what better time than having all the BBís there. Robo coordinated the entire thing, grabbing inebriated BB members left and right until we were all gathered for our plan. I cornered Moon, slammed him against the wall, said welcome to the clan, punched him in the stomach, and we all jumped him. :) The massive dogpile ended up with a hurt Morph leg because Moon forced me under him right before the dogpile hit, a Moon who got DDTíd by Yagr(which was fuckin hilarious), and a broken counter because when you pile 10 or so people up it tends to fall over and it did, onto my kitchen counter. :) Later that evening Yagr proved that heíll give a BBr all sorts of shit, but once youíre in, youíre in. Wayne(Sniper5150) and Moon had gotten into a bit of a shit talking session, which in and of itself was alright, but Wayne had brought with him someone who was some random white guy who grew up too close to the ghetto and had the IQ of a gnat. As the shit talking continued Yagr stepped into the doorway and tried to defuse the situation by being silly in the middle of it. While walking past the ghetto dude ìToneî (short for Tony), he nudged the guy out of his way, and Tone took it personal. I personally believe Tone was lucky Yagr was not sober because the look that hit Yagrís face after Tone threw that first punch was the Yagr I know from online all too well. Tone was about to get massively damaged and he didnít even know it. Fortunately there was only one or two punches thrown before Pharoah jumped on Yagr and stopped him and Wayne jumped on Tone and forced him to back off. End result was a small cut on Yagrís face, and Tone getting 86íd from my party and told not to come back. Overall though the entire night was awesome, and I think everyone had a blast. Those who slept there woke up around 11am the next morning and we decided to go for lunch. BB as a whole went down to Mels and we chatted and ate, then went back to the house to continue the party. We played LAN CS for a few hours until the main party started up again and everyone went back to inebriated from the land of sober. Again, a small group of us took E which was really awesome because the entire evening the vibe of the house was really high spirited. Everyone who was sober was having a good time, everyone who was inebriated was having a good time, and everyone who was on E just wanted a lot of hugs and was enjoying music. :) Those who werenít drinking, smoking, or too inebriated to move played CS on our LAN until 6 or so in the morning and then the party died down a second time for sleep purposes. Again, we woke up at 11 and then went down to a restaurant for lunch, then continued back to my house to continue to hang. We didnít go too overboard because a lot of us had to leave earlyish. Pulzy had taken off before everyone woke up which was a shame because I really enjoyed hanging with him and it was the beginning of the end of the party so to speak. Stalker and Snipe left around 6pm because of the drive to Sacramento, and shortly afterward Moon and Airborne left, and Yagr started his drive back to LA. The end of the weekend was hard for me because I had had such a great time I just wanted it to never end. Once again it was proven though, even in a huge party with lots of non-BB, BB pride was there in full force. I think to everyone else there it looked like we had been friends forever, because in a lot of ways we have been. :) The party was one of the best experiences of my life and I canít wait til we plan a new gathering so we can do it again. Weíre thinking camping trip, which I think would rock, because I can just imagine a bunch of computer geeks sitting around telling stories and relaxing under the stars with smores. I wonder whoís gonna bring the satellite dish and the laptop. ;)


BB is finally going for public acclaim. Thereís a Counter-Strike tournament coming up with a prize of roughly 150,000 dollars for the winning clan. Weíre not missing it for the world, I can guarantee you that. Iím out to win, but even if we donít, I just want my clan to go and represent the way that we always do, as a clan with a lot of well earned pride who wonít go down for anyone without a fight. They will Phear da Blade. :) Will post update on what happens with that in the future, itís happening October 1st.

The Future...

As for the future of BB I can't really say. We're a close group of friends that we always know we can rely on for a good teammate and if you want to have a good conversation / hang out. I'm sure we'll transfer into more new games when they come out (Warcraft 3) and will be around for a long time to come. There are some more people being taken into consideration for entry into BB and as soon as anything new happens I will release more of the "History of Burning Blade" because BB is still history in the making :) I truly hope you enjoyed reading this history of my rebel Mac warcraft 2 clan. I had a blast writing it as I got to reminisce about good and bad times. I have a lot of pride in my close group of friends and I hope we never have to part. Well thanx for reading and Phear da Blade!


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